Inspiraiton: Finding a thread of hope and weaving it into a power blanket of strength.


Imagine waking up tomorrow morning without your vision.

You ask a stranger for the time and when they respond, all you hear is a muffled mess.

Getting out of a chair, you try to move your feet, and they won't budge an inch.

Fatigue consumes your body and each surface you plant your body on swallows you whole.

Desperate for hope, Chantel Soumis was overweight, depressed, and in the midst of a debilitating MS relapse with massively slowed cognitive functions.

Learn more about Chantel's story and how she fought through blindness, hearing loss, immobility and much more to find hope, happiness and strength. 

During this session, you'll...

  • Walk the path of disability and desperation
  • Discover opportunities for strength in every day
  • Learn acceptance and self-worth


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