Internationally recognized social media influencer, INCLUSION speaker & branding professional. 

I am thrilled to be a top LinkedIn Creator with over 30,000 organic followers in just one year as well as the Founder and Creative Director of Stardust Creative LLC, a brand agency focused on embracing differences through personal and corporate branding. I have had the pleasure of speaking at VidCon (world’s largest video conference) as one of the first LinkedIn video creators, LinkedIn Global, Microsoft Chicago, as well as at international conferences in LA, London, Chicago, Dallas, and more.

As an advocate for the differently-abled community, my mission is to spread awareness, hope, and inclusion to those around the world fighting for acceptance by sharing the hidden struggles of differently-abled community. By administering an attitude of gratitude I have overcome severe obstacles and spend a substantial portion of my time coaching others to accept and believe in themselves, and to treat one another with dignity and value, recognizing we are all brothers and sisters of the human race. Learn more by following me on LinkedIn as well as @MarcomChantel on Instagram and Twitter.



My Story

Adversity, Creativity & Hope

I was born bubbly thanks to my mother's radiant love for people, animals, life and magic paired with my father's indestructible strength - former farmer and Vietnam Veteran who knew how to take full advantage of opportunity and became an extremely successful entrepreneur with his wife at his side.

Differently Abled Advocate for Dyslexia Cancer and Auto Immune Disease

It was second grade and I remember my Mom and Dad sitting down with me, "Angel... you aren't going to be able to go to school with your friends anymore if you have to repeat the school year with the younger kids."

I remember being confused, but I wasn't understanding words, spelling, and reading. I was slow. This was the first time my bubbly personality deflated and the labels that came with a learning disability set in.

Through a string of other unfortunate events, the adversity could have broke me, and nearly did. When my vision drastically declined following the birth of my newborn son, I knew something was wrong... but blindness wasn't the problem. The real issue was uncontrollable brain damage from Multiple Sclerosis. I lost my ability to run and eventually, to walk without mobility assistance or my German Shepherd, Red, guiding me to the kitchen to warm a bottle and then back to my baby boy.

Motivational Speaking

The unpredictability was the worst of it.

Would I recover? Would my health continue to decline as my loved ones hopelessly watch me struggle to live?

I was a shell of a human, empty inside. Broken. In my early twenties with the body of a 90-year-old.

Any magic that I had left in my heart was gone and the bubbles all popped, leaving nothing but the faint rainbow residue of what used to be a lively, magic-filled, blue-eyed little girl.

There still was hope. There is always hope.

I rediscovered the magic through my sweet baby boy's embrace, my anchor. I feared I would never see his magical green eyes again or hear his voice call, "mommy" when my hearing started to fade... but this was just enough hope to transform and begin blowing those bubbles once again.

Don't get me wrong - there is no magic wand for discovering happiness when the entire universe seems to be against you, but it IS within your control. Happiness is a choice. Focusing on a clean diet, thought transformation and therapy are all beneficial contributors to your ultimate happiness.

You are worth the work and investment in yourself to find happiness.

It is possible.

There is always hope.

…Social Influence…

Millennial Keynote Speaker

It wasn’t until I had to re-enter the workforce with “disability” that I discovered how incredibly biased and broken the application process truly is. So I started advocating on social media, turning smoke into fire that spread across the globe. My 500 connections turned into thousands of followers, supporters from a variety of countries that wanted to encourage equality, support and awareness.

My social media expertise was fueled by my marketing background and I hope to not only inspire and motivate, but also teach others how to use social media to work in your favor, with personal branding and digital influence.

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