The Secret to Happiness: Surround yourself with little pieces of joy!


Surround yourself with things you love.

Happiness Keynote Speaker

When everything falls apart and it's time to glue it all back together, I like to celebrate and relax. I pour a little wine in my Disney cup, toss on my tiara and my favorite heals, and unwind in solitude to recharge. This picture was on Tuesday.

My phone broke, my breaks need fixing, my kiddo was throwing a fight over everything, I finished a keynote and needed a BREAK.

Surrounding myself with these little things that I love helps me refocus, recenter, and reconnect with my love of all things in this world. It turns stress and disappointment back into relaxation and appreciation. People ask me ALL the time how I stay so happy and bubbly.

This is how. Plus, it's hashtag#NationalTiaraDay 👸 Opportunity is endless when you lead with love and determination.

What do you do to unwind?