Unconscious Bias is Everywhere...

Have you ever found yourself desperately trying to get people to respect you?

Neuroscience and quantum entaglement are my current obsesssions🤯

I get addicted to challenging topics to sharpen my knowledge about the microscopic bits of the human makeup...

...definitely not the makeup most people assume with one look at this bubbly blonde.

In fact, I was recently teased on a video for "not having brain cells" - which is hilariously accurate because of the copious brain lesions and chronic damage the Multiple Sclerosis has caused, but their heart wasn't referring to this medical condition.

Do you feel that you have to "perform" in order to be taken seriously?

These judgments come from very insecure, unhappy people. So why do we feel the need to dazzle all the time?

What do you do to dazzle?

Or in return...

What do you do to step up and advocate for yourself through disrespect? Tagging fellow social media rockstars to encounter similar circumstances -

I appreciate your brilliance! This is your reminder to be respectful human beings with your hearts in the right place ❤