I’m a busy body.

I love staying busy and managing multiple projects. Take a look at some of the many projects I have worked on over the past few years to see just how much I love what I do.


Notable Projects


Successful email campaigns and sample emails - metrics include an astounding open and response rate.

Successful email campaigns and sample emails - metrics include an astounding open and response rate.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Event/Tradeshow Campaigns: Metrics from before coming onto the team were very low with email content that was extremely long and dry—the opposite of what makes a stellar event invitation via email. For the same tradeshow two years later, with a similar outreach list, I was able to double the open rates and blow the response rates out of the water.

Cold Email Campaigns: Amidst my onboarding process, I was able to coordinate persona profiles for different target industries, along with branding consistency across the board to encourage streamlined and constructive communications. Each individual cold email consisted of at least one pain point along with Extract’s solution to the problem.

In 2015, lead generation efforts included an average of 4 leads per week. After implementing 18 targeted campaigns to a database of nearly 20,000 active contacts and over a three-month period, we were able to pull in 12 leads per week, tripling previous numbers and exceeding sales goals.

Upon campaign completion, the job is not yet done! Analysis of open rates and response rates allows me to see which subject lines are lacking a distinctive “push” to open the email where low response rates suggest a lack of urgency or call-to-action. Email modifications are made in order to optimize content strategy and build on past email metrics—which is especially helpful for drip campaigns.

Notable metrics also include open rates above 30% (industry average of 22%) and response rates of 13% (industry average of 4%).

Successful video projects coordinated and finalized.

Successful video projects coordinated and finalized.

Marketing Content - Videos

Videos are continuing to trend as the most influential marketing tool. Because of the ability to deliver extremely informational data visually, videos boost conversions and sales by as much as 80%. Video also builds trust and credibility when using customers and industry influencers to showcase a product or company. The cocktail of these components makes it possible to create real miracles of advertising at minimal cost.

Overview Videos – it has been out goal to organize brief overview videos in order to simplify our complex product. We had completed this objective by outlining an idea, then a script and finalizing a proof of concept with an animation crew. To view the completed video, click here.

Video Testimonials – testimonials add trust and credibility which is what Extract lacked. We created an incentive program that allowed customers willing to speak on camera about their experience with Extract to vote for their favorite charity to which Extract would make a donation. Working with a local videographer, I scheduled filming dates and locations with our client along with a script outline. To view a completed video, click here.


Content creation and publishing calendar for blog content.

Content creation and publishing calendar for blog content.

Blog Content Management

When I entered the company, there was a struggle for a clear content strategy, project management and firm understanding of search engine optimization (SEO). First, I scheduled a blog calendar to ensure that our company was pushing two blog posts per week, working internally with subject matter experts to create the content. Next, I reviewed all past blog posts and optimized the content for keyword searching and SEO. Finally, I created social media accounts to boost SEO and continue to increase our reach with distributed content.

Results have been astonishing. Our website has improved over one million traffic rankings. Also, our linking domains have doubled and mozRank increased two points. Our consistent content push has enabled automated distribution and lead nurture campaigns.

Here is a blog content tracking document I created to help organize continuous publishing efforts and subject matter expert reminders. Also included in this tracking spreadsheet (not pictured) are view metrics to track how many views each blog has. Writers with top views each month receive the “Content Crown” and bragging rights!


Social Media Calendar

Social Media

According to industry research, consistent social postings increase lead engagement, customer satisfaction and boost website SEO. After creating initial social media accounts on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, I created a social media distribution schedule and scheduled automated posts via HubSpot on a regular basis.

LinkedIn publishing also included executives David Rasmussen, Ellen Bzomowski and Rob Fea who were active in LinkedIn special interest groups. Automated social publishing created posts on their pages as well as their interest groups’ pages.

Other social media activities include:

  • Interacting with followers and influencers (liking, retweeting, messaging)
  • LinkedIn InMail marketing messages
  • Facebook digital advertisements


Case Studies Project Manager

Case Studies

Through employee turnover and lack of efficient project structure, Extract lacked a case study development strategy. After researching success and failures of past efforts, I found a communication “black hole” where notable client statistics, issues and problem solving were falling through. To solve this issue and streamline the case study process, I scheduled monthly meetings with the director of Professional Services who communicated with customers on a bi-weekly basis in order to remain updated on newsworthy statistics.

Next, I created a form outline including key nuggets of information required to construct a quality case study, including: product go-live date, features they are using, challenges the customer was facing and how Extract is overcoming those challenges, why this customer stands out, notable customer statistics and/or before vs after key performance indicators (KPIs).

The drive to obtain KPIs resulted in a new program developed by the Professional Services team to analyze timing and quality metrics before implementing our software solution and a few months after, when users have gained confidence in the software and can quickly turn high metrics.

Due to the high number of marketing projects and demand for content, I created a case study project tracking document, stored in a central location, for all teams to access with questions, concerns and updates.


Webinar Project Management


One of the biggest forms of quality content are interactive webinars with nationally acclaimed clients to express struggles before the Extract Systems™ Platform solution which are all too common in the industry.

One of the most successful webinars I developed, scheduled and promoted was titled Discovering the Cure for Non-Interfaced Lab Results. Registrations numbers for this webinar tripled the totals from past webinars with relatively similar topics and subject matter experts due to improved promotion efforts which included email marketing, social media sharing, and paid digital advertising.



At an innovative SaaS company, new product features continued to release without publication, training or communication. Product features were named and marketed as completely different products although many clients purchased multiple products from the SaaS provider. This raised a huge red flag for me and I addressed the issue immediately resulting in a reformed product platform, marketing tools and features rather than individual products. This promoted brand consistency, identity and messaging in order to communicate the solution effectively in a uniform manner across all industries.


Project Management

As an expert on organization and prioritization, I have been able to successfully manage projects from start to finish, along with ongoing policies and procedures. Some projects I have managed include: rebrand (website, image, collateral and launch), social media projects, request for proposals, campaigns (prospecting, lead nurturing, customer retention),  search engine optimization, and product lifecycle management.


User Experience Design

Another project that I have championed is a User Experience group at Navitus. When I joined Navitus, there were only 100 of us on board—the day I left, there were over 300! This growth brought many challenges, including information overload in our internal website and external facing website which required optimization and user experience analysis. This project has been the least measurable of the two as it began only months before my departure but has left a large impact on the company.



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  • Event Coordination
  • Project Management
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  • HTML & CSS


  • Microsoft Office
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