Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Speaker

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 1 in 5 people have some form of "disability". Research has shown that leading practices on inclusion in the differently-abled community by hiring people with mental and physical challenges is good for the bottom-line.

Case studies from companies such as 3M, PepsiCo, Merck and AT & T have reported the many benefits and importance of hiring people with disabilities. So what can we do, as working warriors, caretakers, peers, and leaders, to promote the well-being of all our employees and build a supportive community? 

I offer three opportunities to learn more about building inclusive environments that promote diversity, two different one-hour presentations and a four-hour leadership/human resources workshop.


One-Hour Presentation

Option 1: An Inspirational Story of Inclusion Success: How to Get Employees of ALL Abilities to Fall in Love with Their Jobs

As a working warrior, filling two full-time jobs while serving as a mother, first and foremost, I also overcome daily challenges with Multiple Sclerosis. In this session, you will journey through the debilitating diagnosis, finding a job with “disabilities”, and overcoming personal limitations. You will leave with the tools you need to ignite hope, overcome limitations of your own, and support your employees, family, and peers in the differently-abled community.

  • Application Know-How’s: How to recruit effectively

  • Reasonable Accommodations: How to equip employees to thrive

  • Flexibility, Support & Communication: Human to human valued connections

Option 2: 10 Ways to Practice Inclusive Leadership

It's no secret that we need to focus on creating more inclusive environments for our diverse workforce. Feeling valued and heard is one of the key indicators of whether or not an employee is engaged. With that said, it takes time and a concentrated effort by leadership to create real change. There is no easy solution but there are ways to start making it a part of company culture. Let's go through 10 hacks to be a more inclusive leader.

  1. Call Attention to Unconscious Bias

  2. Provide a Network of Support

  3. Create Open Dialogue

  4. Collective Feedback

  5. Open Up Seats at the Table

  6. Challenge the Status Quo with New Ideas

  7. Clear Communication Channels

  8. Practical Awareness

  9. Embrace Collaboration

  10. Continuously Gauge Inclusion Methods

Four-Hour Workshop (Groups of up to 45)

Each year organizations across the world invest in continued education resources to promote diversity and inclusion programs. This is the perfect way to refresh current initiatives to strengthen your workforce, and in turn, your company’s bottom line. When employees are set up to THRIVE, the number prove it.

In this four-hour workshop, we will pull together the science-backed tools of building inclusive teams to create safe spaces, promote clear communication, administer empathy, and acknowledge growth.

Introduction: Benefits of Diversity, Scientific Studies

Part 1: Inclusion 101 – Unconscious Bias

Part 2: Support & Communication – Safe Space, Clear Communication Channels

Part 3: Professional Vulnerability

Part 4: Review – Feedback, Awareness, Review Regularly

Conclusion: The Dandelion Principle