Come on in, stay awhile.

Super Powers: Passion & Imagination. 

When I was five I would create beautiful homemade gifts with my mom. We started with decorative cookie jars, molding dough onto upcycled jar lids and baking it until hardened. Then we would glue candies to the top, coating it with varnish and finishing the gifts with a ribbon and colorful ornament. The success of these handmade candy jars ignited a creative fire in me to continue expressing my imagination in all things.

My sales experience began at craft fairs and door-to-door Girl Scout cookie sales which gradually converted into retail and professional sales support. I attribute this experience to turning me into the social butterfly I am today and I continue to pair the two fields of sales and marketing into one incredibly successful and creative lead-gen machine.

I continuously express this burning creativity by playing in the field of marketing. I say “play” because I love what I do—every single part of it—and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I focus on thinking out-of-the-box by bringing new ideas to the table with a buffet of statistics and measurable goals to build brand awareness, streamline efficiency, and give lead generation a power boost. 

The average day for me is far from vanilla. Some days I turn up the alternative 90’s jams in my office and pound out fresh designs while other days I’m answering calls and managing multiple projects with agencies and partners. My passion to deliver results continues to burn as I habitually sharpen my digital marketing, design, and website optimization skills.

I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to talk marketing campaigns, business or DIY projects.

Specialties: campaign management, communications, email marketing, data analysis, digital marketing, prioritization, project management, SEO, social media, web design

I am officially HubSpot certified! Check out these brag-worthy certifications I have acquired...

HubSpot Certified
  • HubSpot - Content Marketing 
  • HubSpot - Contextual Marketing
  • HubSpot - Email Marketing
  • HubSpot - Inbound Marketing
  • Google - Google AdWords
  • Google - Google Mobile


Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
— Albert Einstein